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Upon first launch the app will ask you to sign in with your Google account. This can be a different account to the one linked to your Android phone but it must be the same as the one you use with the Pushbullet desktop application see below. This is a useful way to see Android messages on your PC as they come in. Your Android notification settings will now load. Activate notification access for Pushbullet by selecting the rocker switch next to the app name.

Android will ask you to confirm your settings.


Pushbullet will now request permission for access to your contacts. This allows you to send text messages directly from the Pushbullet desktop app.

Install the Pushbullet app

Android will now ask you to confirm access rights for the Pushbullet app. On your computer, open your web browser and navigate to the Pushbullet website. Log in using the same Google account you used with the Pushbullet Android app in the previous step.

5 Ways to Easily Send SMS from Your PC - Make Tech Easier

Double-click to launch. The setup wizard will now ask you to confirm the install location. Upon launch, the Pushbullet main window will appear. All of your text messages should be listed here.

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Click on individual messages to display the full text in the pane on the right-hand side of the window. Pushbullet will display the entire conversation including your own messages. Use the scroll button to move up and down for lengthy message exchanges. Use the text box below the preview pane to type a reply to messages if you wish, and click the arrow symbol to send. Pushbullet gives you the option to open a separate window for whatever device you currently want to use.

How to check your Android phone’s notifications on a Windows PC

To do this, press the small arrow button on the right-hand side of your devices name and a smaller window will appear. Pushbullet can also be installed as a browser extension for the Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Opera and Safari browsers. This is a quick and easy way to access your smartphone messages. To get started, open your browser of choice and navigate to the Pushbullet website.

Send a text message

With the Google Voice website and apps, you can text people messages and photos and send texts to groups of people. If you send a text longer than characters to a non-Google Voice number, it will be sent as multiple messages.

To include an image with your message, click Select image. If your image is bigger than 2 MB, it'll be sent as a smaller file. If you've recently paid to move your Voice number, your texts might not work until five working days after your transfer is complete. To check the status of your port, open Voice. Click Menu Legacy Google Voice. At the top, click the message, 'You have a porting request in progress'. If you can't see a text that you're expecting, check whether it's been marked as spam.

Send and receive text messages

At the top left, click Menu Spam. Note: To receive text messages from websites, such as a bank or subscription service, you'll need to use your mobile phone number. Note: If you have more than one Voice number, you can only send texts from your main number.

If you receive a text to your second number, your reply will be sent from the main one. Google Help.

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